An update of the shake in the summer of 2007 for two years.

I will do an update after a long time. It is very an update of the shake in the summer of 2007 for two years. I want to take up a usual topic around here though it has come for a long time up to now with [changumu]. Let's temporize in the topic of the season though the elegance of autumn will have been sooner or later felt in autumn now … o(*^▽^*)o♪.


The photograph of the season … It is Christmas of moving up.

Christmas soon.

Christmas comes this year. Will it be a white Christmas?It is the first day of winter today. The north wind blows and I feel the coming in winter.

Only this year of (・_.) [zuri] that passes wonderfully is always a jolly Christmas and it wants Christmas.

Let's pray that it be so. ('*')ゞ Rajah



そうであることを祈りましょう。('◇')ゞ ラジャ

It is a New Year of moving up.

Congratulating respectfully new year 2010(x.x)

Let's go to visit a shrine on New Year's Day at the New Year of 2010. Let's pray a product multi withering though it is dark social conditions. ('*')ゞ Rajah

It becomes a surely good year. It is the one to be made a good year.


2010年のお正月は初詣に行きましょう。暗い世相ですが幸多かれと祈りましょう。('◇')ゞ ラジャ


2009/11/08 Updating
Today is .
since 2007.01.01 

2018/09/24 up

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