Ikuta Green and the OIRASE

It became the season of young leaves soon in summer. Temporizing in the topic over the season becomes usual, and I will publish Ikuta Green and the OIRASE valley as a photograph of the season. Is it cool in the summer of this year … O(*^*^*) o♪.


The photograph of the season … It is Ikuta Green.

It is Ikuta Green in the vicinity of home.

Ikuta Green that is is famous soon in the iris to be near. It is said that a lot of people will visit.

It is an iris that blooms in (・_.) [zuri] full pond where it wants to have gone some time, and the beautiful one though have not been yet.

It has not been. ('◇')ゞ Rajah



まだ行ったことがないのですが、いつか行きたいと思っています(・_。)ズリッ 池一杯に咲く花菖蒲、きれいなものです。
行ったことはないのですけどね。('◇')ゞ ラジャ

It is OIRASE valley of the early summer.

It is OIRASE if it is said the scenery at the early summer. (x。x)゚゚゚

It is said that this beautiful valley is dirty every year. ('◇')ゞ Rajah

It is our and man's obligations that protect beautiful nature.


この美しい渓谷が年々汚れていると言います。('◇')ゞ ラジャ


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