It was hot in the summer of this year besides.

It was hot in the summer of this year besides. At last, the nip of fallcame to be felt by me in the morning and evening. Well, is it cold in winteror do it snow?Let's enjoy it a little early in the scenery of winter. o(*^▽^*)o♪


The photograph of the season … It is Kyoto of autumn.

It is an autumn tint of Kyoto of autumn.
Is it an autumn tint if it is said Kyoto and Kyoto
it is said autumn?The autumn tint of Kouzan-ji is especially splendid.

I want to have gone some time though it has not been yet. (・_。)ズリッIt is beautiful.
まだ行ったことがないのですが、いつか行きたいと思っています(・_。)ズリッ きれいですね

It has not been. 。('◇')ゞ ラジャ
行ったことはないのですけどね。('◇')ゞ ラジャ

It is Mt. Fuji of winter. (Is it really winter?)

I want to climb Mt. Fuji once still(x。x)゚゚゚

It is the one that steps, puts the foot in this beautiful Mt. Fuji, and climbs. ('◇')ゞ ラジャ
この美しい富士山に足を踏み入れ登りたいものですね。('◇')ゞ ラジャ

Let's protect beautiful nature.

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Today is .
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