I carry an image of the early fall.…o(*^ ▽ ^*)o♪

We had East Japan great earthquake disaster on March 12, 2011. In addition, the typhoon 12 brought a big disaster in the Kii peninsula in this summer. The summer finally passes. It is summer of the tenth year from the terrorism that happened in U.S.A. this summer.An autumn sign came to be felt in morning and evening. I carry an image of the early fall.…o(*^ ▽ ^*)o♪

2011年3月12日 東日本大震災があり、9.11同時多発テロから10周年、また台風12号は紀伊半島に大きな災害をもたらしました夏、ようやく去って行きそうです。秋の気配が朝夕に感じられるようになりました。せめて初秋の画像を掲載します。…o(*^▽^*)o♪

It is a picture….Panas Tytenko Early-Autumn.
絵画です…。Panas Tytenko Early-Autumn。

What scenery will it be? It is filled with light like the early fall.
I think that Panas Tytenko is an author, but will read how.

Panas Tytenko が作者だと思うのですが、なんと読むのでしょう。

Perhaps think that is a British painter, but there is the atmosphere of the post-impressionists (_.); zuri I am good. おそらく英国の画家だと思うのですが、後期印象派の雰囲気が漂って(・_。)ズリッ良いですね。

I feel that it is tightened a chest. How about all of you? ('◇')ゞ Raja
なんとなく胸を締め付けられませんか?('◇')ゞ ラジャ

It is a park of the early fall. It is the park which is clean without one garbage.

There is sorrow in the park of the early fall(x。x)゚゚゚

I think that a clean park should exist forever.('◇')ゞ Raja
いつまでもきれいなままの公園が存在すると良いですね('◇')ゞ ラジャ

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